About us

immerVR GmbH

We are a group of VR enthusiasts dedicated to providing the most immersive VR experiences to you. Some of us are early backers of the Oculus Rift DK1 and have enjoyed and learned about virtual reality since many years. 

immerVR GmbH is fully self-funded. 

2 apps released

immerGallery and immerGallery Demo

5 patents filed

Four technical inventions,
one design patent

3 trademarks

Two word marks,
one image mark

Our Team

Daniel Pohl


Daniel is known as pioneer in the area of computer graphics where he applied already in the year 2004 real-time ray tracing to games during his study of computer science at the University of Erlangen. Real-time ray tracing became a must-have feature for GPUs and games in 2018. 

Daniel was 14 years at Intel Corporation in "Silicon Valley" and Germany. Lastly, as a senior research scientist for computer graphics and AI. Besides filing 68 patents, he also published numerous scientific research papers, several with the "Best Paper Award", on virtual reality, rendering, in-home streaming and computer vision methods. In October 2021, he founded immerVR GmbH. 

Amelie Hetterich

Working Student
Games Engineer

Amelie is a student of Games Engineering at the University of Wuerzburg since 2019.

During her studies, she was introduced to virtual reality and has since been focusing on creating immersive applications for virtual reality devices.

Marko Stojkovic

Working Student
Games Engineer

Marko has a professional background in photography and studies VR / AR design at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

Locacted in the 
heart of Europe

Our office is close to Nuremberg in the lovely state of Bavaria in Germany.