immerGallery Future Plans and Changelog

Future Plans

immerGallery Release 1.1.3, build 42, 2022-11-16 "Passthrough Update"

immerGallery Release 1.1.2, build 38, 2022-10-24 "Halloween Update"

immerGallery Release 1.1.1, build 37, 2022-09-29 "Underwater Update"

  1. Underwater 3D World: 10 great 3D diving photos from Claudia Hirsch, captured in Hurghada, Egypt
  2. Fan Gallery Walkabout Minigolf™: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: we take a look at the brand new screenshots from the DLC inside our underwater environment. 2D, but still very immersive. 

immerGallery Release 1.1, build 36, 2022-09-12 "Download Gallery Update"

  1. An evening and night at the Nuremberg Volksfest : watch 30 immersive images, most of them captured with the professional Canon RF 5.2mm VR180 stereo lens. Music and voice-overs tell the story of this evening and night.
  2. Drone Panoramas: Many thanks to Marton from Amazing 360° mono drone captures show you different places in Greece, Croatia and Hungary
  3. QooCam EGO hacked for 3D-360: Many thanks to Dean Zwikel! He used the low field-of-view 3D consumer camera QooCam EGO and made a series of shots to combine them to 3D-360 images. Watch amazing images from parks in the US!

immerGallery Release 1.0.8, build 34, 2022-07-27 "UPnP Update"

immerGallery Release 1.0.7, build 33, 2022-06-28 "Favorites Update"

immerGallery Release 1.0.6, build 32, 2022-06-01 "Meadowverse Update"

immerGallery Release 1.0.5, build 31, 2022-05-19 "QooCam EGO Update"

immerGallery Release 1.0.4, build 30, 2022-05-10

immerGallery Release 1.0.3, build 29, 2022-04-25

immerGallery Release 1.0.2, build 28, 2022-04-17

immerGallery Release 1.0.1, build 27, 2022-04-07

immerGallery Release 1.0.1, build 26, 2022-04-03

immerGallery Release 1.0, build 25, 2022-01-26

Initial Release in App Lab, publicly available 2022-03-17