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Unlock the extraordinary world of drone photography with immerGallery! - New Drone Trailer

Drones are used to capture amazing wide field-of-view photos and spherical panoramas. Instead of just watching them on a flat 2D screen, watch them in virtualreality for the full experience!

Using immerGallery, you can add birds, rain, falling leaves, snows or other special effects and music to your images for the best #immersion! Picture yourself soaring through the skies from the comfort of a hot air balloon, a perspective like no other!

immerGallery is available now for Meta Quest2 and Meta Quest Pro, with guaranteed support for the upcoming Meta Quest 3. Get immerGallery today and witness the magic of drone panoramas in virtual reality!

Examples of supported drones: DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Mini 3, DJI Mini 2, DJI Mavic 3, DJI Mavic 2, DJI Air 3, DJI Air 2S, Insta360 Sphere - any drone using the 360° equirectangular image format or capturing wide-angle photos.

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