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Unknown Flight Objects (UFO), also known as hot air balloons, have been sighted in our brand new immerGallery 1.1.6 update!


New YouTube video: The Top 20 Features of immerGallery!

If you were still looking for reasons on why you should use immerGallery as your favorite VR image viewer, this video provides 20 really good reasons on what makes immerGallery so powerful. Having all these together in one app is what creates the magic! 

The Top 20 Features of immerGallery YouTube

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Enjoy cylindrical panoramas like never before in VR! Our new update of immerGallery 1.1.5 includes:


Xmas update and more in the new version 1.1.4 of immerGallery:

  1. Over 20 images from Iceland in the VR180 and 360° format including some drone panoramas of the great environment. (thanks Thomas Lippert)
  2. About 25 images in 360-3D from the highest mountain in Germany: Zugspitze (thanks Erik Grösche)


Passthrough mode and more with our latest update of immerGallery 1.1.3:

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